What: A beautiful online haven set out to provide you with the most special, pretty things (table top and lifestyle goodies, jewellery, accessories and art) that add a unique touch to day-to-day living.

Who: Stacy Anne Longenecker

When: Founded in 2011

Where: Based just out of Brooklyn, New York

Contact: www.leifshop.com

16_inch_kilim_pillow_in_pastel_relic_1024x1024 18_kilim_pillow_in_color_weave_1024x1024_1024x1024 alana_douvros_fuchsite_claw_stud_earrings_1024x1024 beach_sand_hourglass_2_1024x1024 capella_bracelet_neon_coral_1024x1024 copper_patina_planter_main_1024x1024 dhorus_mhor_toggle_bracelet_1024x1024 dipped_mini_bowl_set_main_5c23e153-23f4-48de-b473-cb998ab93cd4_1024x1024 ferm_living_star_tray_in_rose_1_1024x1024 hexagon_ring_in_pale_rose_gold_1024x1024 iphone_5_case_in_triangles_2cd778ee-2bfa-4ee0-bddd-2f1d572c7023_1024x1024 marbled_iphone_case_1_1024x1024 marcasite_ring_1024x1024 moroccan_throw_in_moss_1_1024x1024 nallik_amazonite_and_quartz_necklace_main_ab50b6a1-8c50-46bb-be50-04ba127749d1_1024x1024 nallik_chrysocolla_and_quartz_necklace_1024x1024 plateau_basket_in_black_tan_1024x1024_1024x1024 twig_ring_in_sterling_silver_1024x1024


Celeste Tesoriero High Summer 13/14

Who: Celeste Tesoriero

What: Designer

Where: Sydney based

Why: She’s designed for other labels in the past but only recently invested herself into her own project. Her brand is a mere few seasons old, however if you suss out her 13/14 summer collection titled ‘High Summer’ you will come to realise that it’s no surprise that things have taken off very well and very fast for this emerging Aussie. She is different, she bends the rules that everyone seems to stick by when summer comes round. You think bold splashes of colour and clashing patterns for summer, whereas Celeste goes against this and creates a refined collection with an active wear vibe. Think of a monochrome colour palette, with textured fabrics that just speak for themselves – it’s just fresh and invigorating. I can definitely see myself wearing one of these pieces on my tanned body this Summer.


ct_summer13_lookbook-print-1_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-3_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-4_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-5_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-7_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-8_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-9_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-10_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-12_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-13_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-14_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-15_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-17_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-19_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-20_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-21_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-22_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-23_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-24_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-25_0 ct_summer13_lookbook-print-27_0




The best thing I have ever laid my eyes on….

Rummaging through the old work of one of my favourite photographer’s ever Bryon Spencer’s and I happened to stumbled across something that just made me gasp in awe – the same way it did when I first saw it months and months ago! I love absolutely everything about it – it’s probably my favourite shoot of all time EVER and it features the amazing Emma Mulholland’s Spaced Out collection modelled by one of my favourite megababe models EVER Anja Konstantinova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tumblr_mi6t3ob9sQ1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6t5meBzQ1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6t98XAQq1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6tbqVv2i1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6tfqGX8S1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6tijRa6m1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6to4XelQ1r2gnzyo1_1280 tumblr_mi6tru3yp11r2gnzyo1_1280

Grand Scheme

Founded in 2006 with a rebellious DIY spirit, Grand Scheme is proud to be one of Australian leading independent lifestyle labels.

Each collection seamlessly mixes strong graphics with premium cut-and-sew range that focus’s on quality materials and clean, functional design.

Grand Scheme works with an acclaimed group of Australian and international designers, artists, photographers and musicians – all that help to define the brands unique identity and attitude.




Who said hats like these were only for when the sun is out?

aztec_blue_full_front aztec_brim_black botan_black botan_blue cord_camper_navy_front floral_front leopard_brim_front_lr liberty_front_1 libery_brim_front marbleable_gray_front_2_1 marbleable_green_front maui_black_front_1 maui_natural_front mayan monsterchildren_camper_front_lr_1 paisley paisley_burgundy_front the_hills_front triangle_black_front tropical_florial_front wool_suede_navy