What: A beautiful online haven set out to provide you with the most special, pretty things (table top and lifestyle goodies, jewellery, accessories and art) that add a unique touch to day-to-day living.

Who: Stacy Anne Longenecker

When: Founded in 2011

Where: Based just out of Brooklyn, New York

Contact: www.leifshop.com

16_inch_kilim_pillow_in_pastel_relic_1024x1024 18_kilim_pillow_in_color_weave_1024x1024_1024x1024 alana_douvros_fuchsite_claw_stud_earrings_1024x1024 beach_sand_hourglass_2_1024x1024 capella_bracelet_neon_coral_1024x1024 copper_patina_planter_main_1024x1024 dhorus_mhor_toggle_bracelet_1024x1024 dipped_mini_bowl_set_main_5c23e153-23f4-48de-b473-cb998ab93cd4_1024x1024 ferm_living_star_tray_in_rose_1_1024x1024 hexagon_ring_in_pale_rose_gold_1024x1024 iphone_5_case_in_triangles_2cd778ee-2bfa-4ee0-bddd-2f1d572c7023_1024x1024 marbled_iphone_case_1_1024x1024 marcasite_ring_1024x1024 moroccan_throw_in_moss_1_1024x1024 nallik_amazonite_and_quartz_necklace_main_ab50b6a1-8c50-46bb-be50-04ba127749d1_1024x1024 nallik_chrysocolla_and_quartz_necklace_1024x1024 plateau_basket_in_black_tan_1024x1024_1024x1024 twig_ring_in_sterling_silver_1024x1024


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