On Repeat…


Anyone that knows me well knows that I overuse the ‘Oh my God I am dyingggggggggg’ phrase when I am loving something (I extended the g’s because I usually say it in a voice that is borderline whiny and I tend to add 13.2 extra syllables to words just to create that cheeky sense of emphasis) HOWEVER that common phrase (and bad habit) is a complete understatement when it comes to this track. I honestly can’t even write much about it because as I type this it is playing in the background and I keep getting distracted making photo booth videos dancing (or attempting to) to transport myself from my timid hot and dark room in Melbourne to a groovy chill lounge in I guess the Netherlands since that is the homeland of the lads who have created this insane piece of work.

Producer Full Crate and singer Mar are two young musicians from Amsterdam, today they are both integral contributors to the Amsterdam hip-hop / beatmaker scene. They fuse soul music and hip-hop with a sound design that – excuse the cliché -is best described as futuristic (think Flylo and D’Angelo falling in love with dubstep b-lines while writing the score for a remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey). I wouldn’t be surprised if they make an entry into more global channels in terms of their music being exposed to a larger platform. Me personally? I’m going to listen the fuck out of this tune then maybe suss out more of their stuff then come back to this then get hooked on every track on their soundcloud then back to this again and then maybe just keep my eyes on them in hopes of newer realeases and what not! P.s they are quite good looking – just saying.





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