3tout391MsMr MS-MR image msmr2

Seeing a few hundred views on their songs in the past year is in no way a comparison to seeing five or seven thousand people show up to their gigs and sing every word of their songs so wholeheartedly! The New York band MS MR are stoked and so flattered and it was so lovely having them touring our land with Laneway! They describe their sound as something along the lines of Tumblr Glitch Pop, Soul Fuzz, Electroshock. Personally I don’t know what that sounds like but if you listen to one of their tracks it doesn’t matter because you will instantly be hooked on their chillingly insane deep dark grooves. Their new album Second Hand Rapture is out May 14 and their Candy Bar Creep Show EP is available now on their Tumblr! Keep yourself updated with where these kids are at because you don’t want to miss out on anything!



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