Just some gurlfrands…

I am so excited because two of the hottest female artists on the planet right now are going to be hitting up our Aussie shores very very soon, and by very very soon I mean in March and if you can put two and two together (or you just know your stuff when it comes to good music and what not) you might see where this is going. Yep that’s right touring with Future Music Festival will be young Harlem rapper Azealia Banks and British Vocalist Rita Ora. These megababes were seriously getting it done, doing the rounds and making it big for themselves in 2012; Banks with the album 1991 and Fantasea mixtape and Rita with her self-titled Album Ora and the release of various viral videos.


Azealia is a rapper, actress, singer, songwriter, style icon, trend setter, dancer and just a fucking gem straight out of NYC! She has ambition that stands firm against conforming with the music industry, she wants to keep her music real! And wow has she done so and along the way innovating the lady rap scene! Her goals for 2013 include keeping on it and keeping at it, aiming for 2 albums this year she also wants to redirect her energy into more sound research and come out with a new style or a new sound. To put it simply Azealia herself says the most important thing for her music at the moment is make sure that the sound she emanates is anti-what-is-happening-now. I personally think she is dynamic, explosive, different, flexible and clever with what she does and I cannot wait to see her perform here in Melbourne with Future!


Rita’s style (honestly just google her and I promise you even though her fashion choices bear no boundaries she is always looking like absolute perfection) like that of Rihanna’s just makes me want to burn everything in my wardrobe and cry, its incredible but let’s keep this about the music. In the space of two years the 21-year-old has gone from performing at her dad’s pub in London to signing with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, collaborating with names such as Drake, touring with Coldplay and gaining a phenomenal fan base. It’s all happened so fast and Rita is most definitely not looking back. Her label told her to take as long as she wanted to find herself and with what she has lined up for 2013 I think she very well on her way…



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