Drew Funk


Who: Drew Funk

Where: Malaysian born living in Melbourne

What: Graduating with a Bachelor in Multimedia & Design from RMIT university, he is recognised as an artist. A definite key player in the the craft of street inspired art works and the world of finer arts.

Known for a range of styles, including murals/ street art, fine ink illustration, and painting, the artworks Drew Funk composes are very distinctive.  They are comprised of his background in graffiti and design, alongside the recurring influences of his cultural heritage and past experiences. Through his style, Drew Funk aims to recapture his heritage through the context of street art.  Although his initiation into street art was through writing, Drew Funk has always been drawn to characters.  Animals and mystical creatures often appear and reappear across a number of his works.

– email drew@drewfunk.com
– @drewfunk on instagram

can5468114682_c9bc509185_b 5917727841_e0b8f6ef22_o 5918286358_0980dd5eb2_b 5977050432_8d25af8a55_b 6184698135_b6c199ec3b_o 6441566021_a8a0d7f65a_b 6441566913_8fbd3352da_o 7368234320_ac8020a41e_o 7673739784_5074ec08d3_o 7674230862_42376f3b68_o 7674232682_34a39b6286_b 7970672582_1710b17e36_o 7970673660_bdfba47efb_o 7970674516_2ab8b9b6cd_o 7970764958_c66a7e72d2_b latedec08mine-005 nocompdrew st-jone


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