Weekend before Laneway was good let me describe it very briefly: Experienced the Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Big Day Out. Wow. It was out of this world. I died in that mosh though. Worth it. Saw Nina Las Vegas grind to a Flume track during her set. Was pretty sexy. Got accepted into the bachelor of PR at RMIT. City campus here I come. Also I turned 19. Last teen year come at me… And before I knew it was Sunday. Show day for Laneway 2013!

Melbourne Laneway was ten outta fucking ten! It was exactly what I thought it was going to be like and even better!  Held at the very modest location of the Footscray Community Arts Centre, all I can say is that Laneway delivered, delivered and just fucking delivered! It delivered with its panoramic views of the river and beautifully set up stages (one was nestled among trees and food stalls making it a garden or haven for the hipsters, another was smack bang in the heart of a car park lot proving a great dance scene for those keen for space to get down and durrrty with the tunes), it delivered with its chilled out Sunday funday vibe and it delivered with an array of outstanding artists! I had a few standouts for the day:

Shlohmo (also known as Henry Laufer), because the talented teen seemed to enjoy his set as much as his crowd did and that instantly created a sick vibe at the Future Classic Stage. He didn’t disappoint by playing some of his original work and also some of his well-known remixes, all in all I just wish he played for longer!

Jessie Ware for her capacity to bring Laneway an amalgam of pop, neo-soul, R&B, dub step and deep house tunes. The 27 year old seduced the crowd with her sultry british accent as well as her incredible vocals. I would’ve loved to see her play at one of the bigger stages next time though..

High Highs simply for playing Open Season. It was really beautiful!

Chet Faker for blessing the River Stage with his sexy, smooth soul. Goddamn something about that man and his music is just outstanding, laying amongst the rose bushes on the gentle slope that hosted the River stage listening to Chet Faker live made me forget that it was only just six in the evening, I was sober and just at Laneway in Footscray. I enjoyed his beard as well.

Snakadaktal for winning Triple J’s Unearthed High in  2011 and proving that it has been a dream run for them ever since by playing a fun, ethereal set at the infamous Eat Your Own Ears Stage (also known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Car Park)

Flume because let’s be honest we all need to enjoy a bit of Flume before the rest of the world snatch him from our shores for being too fucking good at what he does! The young producer/dj attracted most of the festival goers and by the time he was on doing his thang it was all over! He KILLED it! Flume had taken over playing lots of favourites like Holdin On, Sleepless and his remix of Hermitude’s Hyperparadise along with heaps of new stuff too!



Be sure to hop onto the official Laneway website by clicking here to have a look at photos of how the day went down!


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