Ollie Lucas

Who: Ollie Lucas

Where: Originally from Perth, currently residing in Melbourne

What: Started out as a graphic designer, however became increasingly inspired by the street art of Melbourne and is thus now identified as a visual artist/painter focusing on themes of pareidolia (the human tendency to see objects in clouds or recognisable objects in patterns or surfaces) hardline geometrics and urban graffiti. I love showing my support and appreciation for artists of all sorts (especially local ones!!) so come on down to the No Vacancy Gallery (QV) in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD anytime from April 9th to the 21st and suss out his latest work inspired by organic edge and urban decay.

‘My work has always had graphical and clean elements to it. A past life as a graphic designer is to blame there’. ‘Exposure to the graffiti scene in Melbourne has made me question harmony in my work, I have a love for filthy, dirty and weathered paint splattered surfaces, but at the same time I crave clean, modern, hardline geometrics.’ ‘This is what drives my practice, combining two visual elements that are polar opposites in search for a harmony that I may never obtain’

– Or check out his flickr photo stream

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