Ryan McGinley

There’s something very raw yet delicate about Ryan’s work, it’s not structured or staged that it almost feels personal…

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Tasya Van Ree

There’s nothing more I dislike than scrolling through blogs (or just the internet in general) and coming across something that captivates me like a photograph, a video, an art work or something similar  and seeing that it hasn’t been credited appropriately. This leaves me annoyed (and wishing that google had an image search service where I could just upload any photograph I want and click search to find out everything about it. Can someone actually please get on to that or let me know if such thing already exists. Thanks) and the artist/photographer/creative person god knows where (or who) losing so much recognition. I can’t claim to be a photographer or an artist or anything along those lines but I can definitely relate to these creative individuals in that their work is built on layers and layers of hard work, precision, passion, creativity and also practice. To have this all floating around on the internet (especially considering that this generation is heavily reliant on the internet for inspiration and motivation) with no credit or recognition is just baffling, unfair and opens so many channels for plagiarism and copyright issues. I honestly enjoy the art of photography, the various mediums of art that exist and all things creative in nature not purely because of the aesthetic qualities that they possess but because the individuals themselves tell a different story. They deserve to be recognised for what they do, because to appreciate a photograph wholly you first must understand what the person behind the camera was feeling, what they were thinking at the time and why they were pointing their camera in that direction in the first place. Once we collectively begin to understand the importance of giving credit to people and their work, we will have an even better, deeper and clearer understanding of photographs, art works, etc. It is inevitable that not everything found on the internet can be or will be given its rightful credit and this is understandable, but basically what I’m hinting is that if you have a blog, host a tumblr page, or anything similar in nature, where ever it is possible always leave or add a name or link to the rightful owner of the work! So what this massive rant has to do with Tasya Van Ree, let me tell you! I have come across her photographs so many times over the last couple of months and haven’t been able to put a name to the work and a couple days ago I found a credited photograph of hers on commedesfuckdown which led me to her website and Facebook.

Tasya van Ree has always been intrigued by the everyday wonders of the visual world. The sense of expansive awareness that for van Ree is a prerequisite to photography enables her to capture the small everyday flashes of insight that come when we are open to them and often go before we can fully grasp or appreciate them. Her extraordinarily vivid images are also a testimony to her eye for form and composition. Her photographs are infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy, and a certain lyrical quality. They also capture the essence of the people, the landscape, and the intricacies of both the animate and inanimate worlds, and are a sort of meditation in seeing the powerful testaments between the relationship of human presence and transitory nature.

I was really interested by her interview with Magnet Magazine (click here for link) where she revealed that she knew she wanted to be a photographer when she saw a beautiful woman and wanted to make that image last forever, I think that in itself is a beautiful motivation to want to continue exercising the art of photography. She avoids referring to herself as a self taught photographer and instead chooses to call it ‘instinct’ – her ability with the camera is innate. She says that it’s all about having a real connection with people and allowing life experiences to develop you into a better version of yourself, the more you continue to grow this way the more you understand your art and yourself for that matter. You just have to be present and know when it’s happening and be open to it. Finding your independence and your true meaning, and understanding that you yourself are a piece of work at the same time is the ultimate key. She could not have said it any better.

– facebook.com/pages/Tasya-van-Ree-ARTIST


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What: Di$count Artisanal Pop Dress

How much: $3,546.78

Why: This dress was a work in process. Rose gave it to Cami as a gift when it was a simple blue suede dress. Since then, it has been punctured and prodded, pulled and poked. They sourced these patches from ALL over the world! They then pulled the whole thing apart and hand sewed and whip stitched them on, over time. This dress is very special to the two talented gals behind the Di$count label, it is a record of their history, time and place.

Where: Click here and snap this one-of-a-kind bad boy up!

Di$count Tra$h Pop Dress mickey mouse fashion by he patch2-800x533

On Repeat…


Anyone that knows me well knows that I overuse the ‘Oh my God I am dyingggggggggg’ phrase when I am loving something (I extended the g’s because I usually say it in a voice that is borderline whiny and I tend to add 13.2 extra syllables to words just to create that cheeky sense of emphasis) HOWEVER that common phrase (and bad habit) is a complete understatement when it comes to this track. I honestly can’t even write much about it because as I type this it is playing in the background and I keep getting distracted making photo booth videos dancing (or attempting to) to transport myself from my timid hot and dark room in Melbourne to a groovy chill lounge in I guess the Netherlands since that is the homeland of the lads who have created this insane piece of work.

Producer Full Crate and singer Mar are two young musicians from Amsterdam, today they are both integral contributors to the Amsterdam hip-hop / beatmaker scene. They fuse soul music and hip-hop with a sound design that – excuse the cliché -is best described as futuristic (think Flylo and D’Angelo falling in love with dubstep b-lines while writing the score for a remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey). I wouldn’t be surprised if they make an entry into more global channels in terms of their music being exposed to a larger platform. Me personally? I’m going to listen the fuck out of this tune then maybe suss out more of their stuff then come back to this then get hooked on every track on their soundcloud then back to this again and then maybe just keep my eyes on them in hopes of newer realeases and what not! P.s they are quite good looking – just saying.




Moosh & Twist: OCD


I’m so fucking excited about this so let it be known, their new Mixtape “Back To The Basement”  will be dropping in 16 days on the 12th of March. If you don’t already have their tracks playing on repeat then please do yourself a favour and click here to listen, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! As soon as the mixtape is released I will definitely be writing up a post about it so keep posted, till then here’s some of my fave tracks (new and old)…



A! x




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What’s your Saturday night sound like?

Mine sounds a little like this. Amazing. I know!

If you’re in Melbourne tonight I highly recommend you head into the city for the WHITE NIGHT festival. From dusk till dawn (7pm tonight till 7am tomorrow) our beautiful CBD has been transformed into an all-night wonderland with over 80 free events, a myriad of artists, performances and installations celebrating all the things that Melbounre is renowned for: Music, food, film, art and lush culture.




A time when beauty was simply defined. Also a time when sexy was more cheeky than slutty. Though I am a 90s baby I was not old (or lucky) enough to appreciate this iconic era.

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