Artist: Huxley (Otherwise known as Michael Dodman)

Label: Tsuba

What: Discovering the likes of Disclosure and Julio Bashmore was for me a highlight in the 2012 music scene. Huxley is a name I guarantee will be thrown into that mix of emerging music producers that will be sure to make their mark in 2013! I’m not going to pretend that I’m some professional when it comes to reviewing music but can I just say that I know good music when I hear it and let me tell you Huxley’s original track titled ‘No Matter What’ (released in late November last year) is a good fucking tune! An addictive bassline flexes against smooth stabbing synths whilst a soulful vocal sample is repeated throughout, I honestly don’t even know what genre this is, garage? UK garage? House? Deep house? Doesn’t matter, just have a listen to it yourself, pop it on repeat and enjoy! While you’re at it check out Huxley’s soundcloud for more musical bliss..


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