The 2013 astrology report

If you’re anything like me you start to worry about what the new year is going to bring before it even happens. It’s a bad habit, one that feeds my anxiety and one I am learning to break. For those out there feeling a similar curiosity about what 2013 is going to be all about maybe sussing out your annual horoscope report could be a good idea! I’ve never been one to religiously follow my horoscopes or even believe in superstitious astrological readings but hey some people swear by it and it’s a bit of fun – regardless of whether it’s true or not! Click here for the 2013 astrology report brought to you by Susan Miller for RUSSH magazine and find out what the next 12 months have in store for you!

Aquarius_L_original Aries_L_original Cancer_L_original Capricorn_L_original Gemini_L_original Leo_L_original Libra_L_original Pisces_L_original Sagi_L_original Scorpio_L_original Taurus_L_original Virgo_L_original


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