‘I’d like to think that I’m the ‘funky photographer’ who takes photos of people with great fashion sense. Let’s be honest, the photo isn’t exciting unless the person in it makes it exciting. A smile is not enough to satisfy me, I need natural beauty, craziness and ruthlessness.’ 

Who: Catherine Pasceri

Age: 18

What: Emerging freelance lady photographer, working under the name C-PASH

Where: Melbourne based

How: Whilst completing her final studies of high school in 2012 she described her average weekend as one filled with crazy partying, capturing wild funky moments, chilling with friends and hardly studying. Fast forward to the newly-graduated- fresh-outta-school summer holidays of 2013 and nothing much has changed for this talented young gal from Melbourne; except that things are falling into place quite nicely quite quickly. Over the past few years (keeping in mind that she has only been 18 for a few months) she has been presented with the opportunity to take photographs for a myriad of different social events; these include renowned music festivals such as Stereosonic and the iconic Falls Music & Art Festival, photographing a variety of artists and DJs such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Naysayer & Gilsun and the Bag Raiders, launch parties, opening events, a variety of Melbourne nightclubs and bars, weddings, markets (such as Retro Market), fashion boutiques (such as Scene Melbourne) and much more. Catherine was always driven to do something in the art industry and choosing to become a professional photographer couldn’t make her feel any happier, it just feels right. She also enjoys making videos, doing illustrations, paintings and spray painting from time to time, however the craft of photography just wins her over every time. Her admiration for art, fashion, music, culture and people in general is expressed incredibly in her photographs and even more so in her determination and passion to go crazy and boost the already established ‘C-PASH‘ business up a lot from where it is now. Taking each moment as it spontaneously comes, taking as many photos as possible of as many things and individuals as possible, meeting as many new cool people and perhaps undertaking some photography related study is what 2013 looks like for Cat; regardless of what happens the future from here on in for this fresh, creative and talented school-leaver is going to be busy, a bit messy but a whole lot of fun. Cat is totally connected throughout the social media sphere so hit her up by chucking her a like on the C-PASH Facebook page and a friendly follow on Instagram and who knows hopefully she will take a photo of you in the very near future.

– www.facebook.com/Cppash
– www.youtube.com/Cpash3
– @cpash on Instagram
– C-PASH website/blog coming soon

Some of Cat’s work posted below – old and new, in particular take a moment to suss out her latest shots from Falls!!!!!!!

IMG_1340 IMG_2244


IMG_1836 IMG_2473 IMG_2408 IMG_2424 IMG_2458

IMG_0871 IMG_0888 IMG_1127

IMG_1040IMG_1359 IMG_1485 IMG_1731 IMG_1836 IMG_1941 IMG_2008 IMG_2037 IMG_2480 IMG_2528

269186_417034095024036_1483510195_n 394006_275961755797938_874989634_n 530450_342341495826630_1048388555_n 543285_338271742900272_1061452881_n 578006_342341772493269_1379131272_n 578920_342342169159896_601108312_n IMG_0226313731_212057065521741_4103030_n 378014_256319861095461_1826976308_n 430317_302687529792027_1646964150_nIMG_0191

380135_261685323892248_224940988_n 404809_3509108327396_1269837907_n




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