Romance Was Born

Otherworldly prints form the basis of designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales’ collections inspiring the theme and story behind their designs. They share an obsession for detail, fascinated by all forms of hand finished fashioning from the naïve joy of craft to the awe of a highly skilled couturier, both elements inform their creations. The duo work together designing across their fields so there is a dynamism and synergy to the process resulting in a unity of technique. Nothing better on a Friday night than to indulge in some RWB inspiration.

007_012 13_018 16_002_0 21_001_0 22_006 25_005 25_017 26_003 29_007 32_009_0 RWB2_058 RWBPrecol1_011crop RWBPrecol1_029crop RWBPrecol1_046crop RWBPrecol1_053crop RWBPrecol1_055crop Square-tee



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