Gavriel Maynard

‘His party photographs instantly transport you to the best saturday night of your life, while his editorials verge on unposed and lo fi. You can tell from looking at his work that Gavriel just has a really intense interest in all humans whether they be models, drag queens, his own friends or the homeless, and he manages to capture them all with the same honesty’

Who: Gavriel Maynard

What: Self taught photographer

Age: 22

Where: Sydney based (Bondi)

How: Like most insanely talented people Gavriel never really considered himself the next best thing in the photography industry. He never intended to fall so deep into photography, it kinda just ‘happened’. After finishing school and spending his spare cash on a camera, it was a trip to Europe that set things off; ‘I photographed everything on the trip: girls, cars, boys, parties, and it just kind of came from that.


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