Emma Mulholland

I haven’t really been up to scratch with keeping this blog consistent and this upsets me especially when there is so much cool shit happening right now that needs to be shared! So I’ve decided that I will aim to blog a post once a week! But anyway here check out ‘As Bad As I Guana Be’ (SS12/13) by Emma Mulholland, I love the amazingly quirky patterns, clashing colours and the fun, sporty vibe the pieces give off! Definitely the type of fashion I would die to invest in……

If that isn’t cool enough check out what the lady herself has to say about her next upcoming AW13 ‘Spaced Out’ collection….

“The combination of Ancient Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics can be seen in the prints, which also tied in with an intergalactic space vibe. I looked to sci-fi movies like The Fifth Element and episodes of Star Trek and drew a lot of inspiration from their simple shapes, like A-line shift dresses and raglan sleeves like Dr. Spock,” she says about the collection, adding, “The embellishments are also a combination of both of these ideas — like a scarab beetle which has been abducted and replaced by an alien. I drew styling inspiration from Desperately Seeking Susan.”

I don’t know about you but this excites me so much! Photographer Luke Latty has been able to capture some cheeky behind the scene shots giving the world a teaser into what could possibly be the best thing your eyes have laid on this spring! Can someone please get at me with some of these pieces or?…..



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