Who: George Townsend and Adam Kaye

What: 17 and 18-year-old DJs and producers

Where: Lancaster, England

So: Around this time last year BTSTU – Jai Paul was probably the most played track on my iTunes, something about its sound was so appealing to me. The lyrics were perfect, the vocals (on the original) were perfect, the beat was perfect and the harmony of all those three elements was just so fucking perfect. Anyway having said that I was keen to find similar tracks with that similar feel. This is where the young man duo Bondax comes in. They have this impeccable ability to fuse amazing vocals into amazing tracks with absolute precision and perfection. Despite having only a couple of original tracks to their name, George and Adam’s various works were soon to become the most played on my iTunes! This was quite early on in the year but I still find myself now listening to their stuff and thinking wow. I was also surprised to discover that they themselves as artists were heavy inspired and influenced by Jai Paul’s BTSTU. Their originals AND their incredible takes on other tracks are definitely worth a listen or two (or eight)!



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