So I’m back at uni trying to get myself a routine happening so I can be more consistent with my work here, but that’s not the point of this post. The point here is that I have come to notice that so many people at my uni have the sickest backpacks and every time I work the courage to ask where from, 93.2% of the time the answer is ASOS. So instead of doing my urban readings I’ve gone through the wonder that is ASOS and have picked out some pretty cool backpacks to share. The prices vary from your average $20ish bag all the way to your high end designer bags priced over $400. There is also a myriad of brands to choose, ranging from the classics such as Eastpak, Herschel and Jansport and then the many others including Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Paul Smith and North Face. There is something for everyone on ASOS! With free shipping to Australia on all orders and student discounts, it would definitely be worth sussing out, so hop on and get YO self a new backpack!


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