What: They’ve made it easy for me and said it themselves. They’re a “Casual-rich” L.A. streetwear brand.

Who: Founder Tom Hirota, Creative director Taka Okude and Design by David Melgar

When: Since 2007

So….: Okay so I think it’s fair to say that I have for quite some time fallen in love with the amazement that is the JOYRICH label! They bring to life a smart, clean fusion of  retro-future styles (my take on this is that they bring back pieces from the past eras of fashion and celebrate it in a way that compliments and adds depth to the current trends of now and what not) demonstrated through their trademark of pop art graphics and blockades of rich eye-popping colour. Loads of big name musicians and celebrities such as Azealia Banks, Rihanna, Jessie J, Soulja Boy, Rita Ora and heaps more are choosing to be decked out in the label, and once you get a taste of what JOYRICH is all about its not hard to understand why. They’ve made some sick collaborations with Malcom Stuart and Hasbro, LeSportsac, Keith Haring and my personal favourite the lavish, luxurious, rich, dreamy, loud, sensual, bejewelled, eye-pleasing-teasing and delicious collab with GIZA! The JOYRICH FW12 lookbook has been out for a few weeks now (so suss it out on their youtube channel, and it’s not hard to feel the strong street influence inherent in the new collection, as well as see the labels appreciation for dynamic music and global youth culture. The amazing new pieces run central around 80’s London Punk, 90’s New York hip-hop, chilled-out skater West Coast Style and the current electro movement. The stuff they come up with is so fucking fun and exciting to look at, let alone wear, so hop onto their website (  and get lost in the most amazing unique pieces. You’re welcome!

F/W12 lookbook

My absolute favourite Joyrich X GIZA Collaboration SS12

Snapshots of some familiar faces rocking the label….


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