United Kingdom is killing it!

I was about to publish a post solely on how in love I am with the London based brother duo Disclosure, and how their work with smooth minimal house beats and garage and two-step neon takes really go to that place that I’ve never really heard before. Their crazy ass synths, PHANTASTIC vocals, and impeccable ability to fuse soul with the most simplest of compositions really helped them gain global support, not only from listeners but from the likes of SBTRKT, Mele and Annie Mac. Anyway getting to my point I found myself listening to similar tracks and went from song to song and I’ve come up with a pretty firm conclusion; the UK is absolutely killing it in the music sector. So I’ll save my awe rant on Disclosure for a later time and instead share some pretty cool tracks straight from the UK.

Disclosure, from South London an insanely dynamic and young brother duo consisting of Guy, 20 and Howard, 17.

Jessie Ware


Rustie, also known as Russell Whyte originally from Scotland

SBTRKT, also known as Aaron Jerome

Mount Kimbie, duo consisting of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos

Maribou State

Kidnap Kid (Matt Kidnap)


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